About Us


Our Story

We started out in 2010 as a small team of "foxes" that could be called on at any time to change a light bulb, organize an office or even squash a pestering bug. Our goal was to make our customers' lives simple. As we started to become a name in the Charleston, South Carolina community, we began getting requests to pick up food from restaurants around town and deliver to "hangry" customers. Within a year, we shifted gears and began only delivering for restaurants.


Within a year, we shifted our business model to be just a restaurant delivery service bringing our customers some of the best food around town.


Five years later, we are delivering for over 100 restaurants in Charleston and North Charleston, South Carolina and now Charlotte, North Carolina. Our company has grown to what it is today from the innovative minds and the hardworking hearts of our core team and our fast foxes that keep our customers happy every day.



Meet The Core Team

Our core team is made up of young, technology-driven minds. At QuickFoxes,
we make it a point to emphasize collaboration and allow everyone to have a say with new projects and decisions.

Mark Schwartz
Chief Executive Officer


Jacob Ham
Chief Operating Officer


Elyse Kriegshaber
Catering Director


Spencer Bowden
Sales Director


Chuck Wiener
Charlotte Location Manger


Meet the In-house Team

Our in-house team of customer service representatives (CSR) and dispatchers come in every day eager
to help please and impress our loyal customers. They know our restaurants and our delivery areas well and are ready to
offer their advice and assistance with any needs or questions. Their mission is to save you from ever being hangry!

  • Nick S. Nick S.

  • Niall B. Niall B.
  • Lauryn S. Lauryn S.
    Customer Service Representative
  • Cooper W. Cooper W.
    Customer Service Representative
  •  Carli R. Carli R.
    Customer Service Representative
  • Shaz B. Shaz B.
    Customer Service Representative